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Monday, 23 March 2015

A Week In a Blog Post :)

 So the passed week was very bussy and full of events and cool things. :)

I've taken part in Green Event. It was about volunteering and spend some awesome time with little children for two days... like a little camp. :) I had my own group of children. We called ourselves People X The Team of Mr. Green. It was very funny. We played games together. Children had opportunity to go to any kind of creative class during this event. There were sport, dances, handcraft, cooking and music. We also played a BIG game which children enjoyed. They had to compete with each other and in the end everybody won. :) We also watched a very good movie about a girl who saved her family and the whole country but I don't remember how this film was called. It all was very fun and children were so nice. At the end some children hugged me and said that they will come next time if there will be any events like that. So it was very nice and I really have good memories about it.

My team. :)

Watching a play. :)

Playing the BIG game. :)

After that I've taken up my courses called "Fashion and Style". So probably soon I'm going to share with you some style/fashion secrets. I think I am going to like these classes because the woman who is teaching us is a stylist that I personally really like. She has written one book called Style's secrets about two years ago and I've really enjoyed reading it so I hope the course is going to be even more interesting. :D

Style's Secrets by Ineta Lesite

And this is the beautiful place where at I study. 
International Higher School of Practical Psychology

And to finish my AWESOME Spring Break I've visited some of my friends and had a girls party! :) Laughing, watching films, sharing secrets and interesting life stories. :)

My girls. <3

Also during that week I and my friends have cooked an apple pie and filmed a video about it! Check it out here:

All in all, I am thankful for the passed week. :)

Lots of Love,