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Friday, 11 December 2015

Favourites and Birthday Gifts Part 1

 Hello Everybody!
 As I have been away almost all summer and autumn I've hurried to buy lots of makeup stuff so in this post I'll tell you about my favourite purchases. And also in November I've received some awesome gifts so I'll tell about some of them now and then there will be a part two. :-)
 So, in the summer I have finally bought a legendary Rimmel Kate Moss 107 dark red lipstick. I've heard about it SO MUCH and I've tried a tester of it in Drogas many, many times... I wanted it very badly and I've bought it. I must say I don't regret even though I don't use it often. It's a very beautiful dark colour. it really looks darker in real life than in videos and pictures you see online. I use it more for the evenings. And another lipstick I've been using a lot recently is Nivea Beaute Smoothie 21 pink lipstick I got from Mum. It has a little bit of shimmer and the colour is quite neutral so I'm not afraid to wear it during the daytime. And I can style it with literally any outfits. It's very nice.

 Then my another very much loved lip products are those two Essence lip glosses. The Essence 29 cute pink lip gloss has a very beautiful shimmery baby pink colour. And the Essence XXXL long lasting lip gloss 07 Silky Red has a bright rich red colour. I like to wear it for the nights out. Both lip glosses have a very light texture so it feels very nice.

 The L'Oreal Paris Superliner Superstar eyeliner in black I got at Drogas as a gift and I really like it. It's very precise and easy to apply(I think I already said about it in the previous post, xoxo). But it's not waterproof that's a minus.

 The palette TCW The Colour Workshop I got from my friend Nadine as it's colours didn't fit her well. I quite like all the shades of pink and purple in this palette especially the dark ones. I like to use them in the crease of my eyelid sometimes when I want to go for a more special look. Once in "Get Ready With Me:Prom" video I used a very similar colour and I liked it. You can watch it here. Those eyeshaddows are very pigmented and stay for a long time. It also has a mirror at the back. ;-)

  The Channel products I didn't buy myself I received them as a gift for my 18th birthday from my friends. I really like those Chanel's mascara and eyeliner. First of all, that's because they're very long lasting, smell good and easy to wash off. But as the eyeliner is liquid it's very hard for me to apply and sometimes I'm very impatient to wait until it'll dry so I just screw everything up. And the mascara is more of an everyday mascara as it doesn't give eyelashes any volume it just emphasises them a little bit. :)

  Another product I've bought during the summer is this Golden Rose Rich Color 46 nail polish. I really like it. The colour is neutral, fits good with everything. And because of the maxi brush it's very easy to apply. Like one hand movement and it's ready. :)

  I think for this time this is it as there are a lot more and it's just not possible to tell about all of them in just one post so until the next time.

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