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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Vacation Under the Sunshine | Outfits Ideas

  Hello Everybody!
  I know it's winter. And at least in Latvia it's very cold. But there are a lot of people that go to warmer countries during their winter holidays. So I decided to share with you my comfortable and pretty outfit ideas for the vacation under the sunshine. :)
  First is the dress with a denim jacket. I really like it because it's a dress but at the same time it's not too much. The dress is very light and perfect for the hot days. Just looking at this picture makes me miss summer and other times I had opportunity to rest under the sunshine abroad. <3 It's very comfortable. And denim jacket makes it look cooler than it actually is. The shoes I've picked up goes well with the dress but if you're not a professional at walking on the heels then it's better to choose sandals you'll see in my next outfit. Though I personally don't get tired of walking in these shoes. :) I also style it with some accessories that don't stand out but are cute and girly. The bracelet (for a wrist) is a gift from Uganda and the green bracelet (for a leg) is a gift from the USA (unfortunately, I don't remember from which shop it is from because I've thrown away the packaging). This green bracelet has a little stone on it, agate, if I'm not mistaken. It's very beautiful and the packaging said it's a stone of friendship. :) The earrings are also a gift and they go perfectly well with the outfit. When I wear this outfit I feel LIGHT and this is the most amazing feeling to have when you wear something. It just feels very naturally.

Dress: H&M
Jacket: Lindex
Shoes: Elche

  Second is a high waisted skirt with a cropped top. This outfit looks more festive because the skirt has rose gold buttons on it. Top has a cut out in the back and a very beautiful flower print. The sandals are very comfortable. Even my Mum used to steal them because you can walk in them forever and never get tired. Sandals also have some beautiful golden details that makes it look better. For accessories I decided to go silver only because I think too many colours would be already too much. All of the accessories are very exquisite and sparkly.

Top: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Sandals: Aldo
Watch: Timex

  Third is more casual. It's a plain pair of jeans and a top. I like these jeans very much because they're very light and it makes them look very cool in the sunlight. The top is 75% cotton & 25% silk (it's very light) so I really like the feeling of it. It's a great outfit if you plan to do something more active during your day off... like climbing or a lot of walking maybe. And what makes it more cool is the earrings. I got them from Greece. They are white-pink and have little sparkly stones on them. I like it. :) There is also a picture of some bracelets that would go very well with it, too. A little handbag you can wear across your shoulder is also very big plus when you're having a trip and go explore something and can't take a huge bag with you.

Top: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Handbag: Pull&Bear

  I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and it inspired you for some ideas when you'll have your vacation under the sunshine.

Love you lots,