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Friday, 18 December 2015

Favourites & Birthday Gifts Part 2

 As some of you may remember I wrote a blog post about Favourites & Birthday Gifts Part 1 last week so today I am continuing. :) If you want to read the Part 1 click here.
  This summer I've bought a Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation with SPF 20. It's really good. Quite heavier than the Wake Me Up Foundation but I like it anyway because I wanted full coverage and the SPF for summer was also very good. I've bought it in shade 203 True Beige and it went perfectly with my summer tan. :) So, I don't regret buying it even though in fall/winter time I don't really use it as a)my skin gets paler, b)on everyday basics when I go to school I don't really care if it's full coverage foundation or not (I use something lighter now usually).
 Then I've also bought a sponge (you can see it next to the foundation). Originally it was blue but as I always forgot to wash it it turned into the colour of my foundation... hehe... This sponge has a very convenient form. I really like blending in foundation or sometimes just simply massaging my face with it. :)

   Next thing I've bought recently is Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick 30 which is very beautiful dark cherry shade (I think but some other people say it's plum). And I accidentally deleted a picture of wearing it on my lips so I'll just show you a screenshot from my Instagram :D
so this is how it looks like on the lips

(Photo Credit:
P.S. sorry forgot to take a pic of the lipstick itself. :/

  So I really really like those kind of dark shades to wear during the fall/winter time. And I think this is going to become my new favourite lipstick ever. Though sometimes I wish it was even darker...

  I've also been buying a lot of candles. The first candle I've bought this year was by Airwick orange and festive spice scented. I really liked it. I lighted it so often that it was used in just one week. Then I've bought some more candles but unfortunately the package doesn't say the name of a brand. I've bought them at Jysk by a very good price. I really like buying candles there. Jysk has a big selection of scented candles and the prices are friendlier than in other shops. At the moment my favourite scent is Strawberry Shortcake.

  Now about gifts.
  I've received some skincare products from Stenders. The Verona olive bath salt I've already mentioned in a previous post here. And along with that I've received a Rudy Black Lily shower gel & body lotion. I really like the bath salt. It smells good, cleanses good and I use it as a body scrub. The shower gel and body lotion have a very specific smell of lilies so  if you're not a fan of lilies then I wouldn't recommend that. Though I really like the feeling of these skincare products and as I've read they have a very organic consist I still don't like the smell. But the packaging is very pretty, isn't it? It also would be very convenient to take these shower gel and body lotion on a road because they're small. ;)

  Another gift I really like is Estee Lauder's brushes. They are SO pretty. I haven't used them a lot yet but I think for everyday use they're going to be alright.

  Next gift isn't really connected with makeup/beauty but it's also very cool. My Mum has brought me it from Sweden. It's a colouring book. Something similar to a "Secret Garden" but only about the sea, "Kreativitet och Mindfulness". When I have some free time or need to collect my thoughts I like colouring. :)

  A little owl wallet is something I've dreamt about for some time but never got to buy myself. It's just so comfortable to have one when you don't want to take your big wallet where you have all your cards and other stuff. And this one is also very very cute. It looks like the one you could buy in Accessorize.

  The other thing I really like recently is having little reminders all other my desk. Something nice like: "Live To Overcome" or "Never Give Up". These things help me to cheer up when I don't want to do my homework. :D

This reminder is also a gift from one person. :) It means a lot.
And the name of the flower is Chinese Rose (also a gift). I really like it, too.

  The last thing is also very cool and very important at this COLD season. It's a blanket with sleeves!!! That's such a cool idea. I got my from Tiger. And I really like using it. It keeps me very warm. ^_^

  So that's it. :) I hope you liked this blog post. If you did then please click "Share". :) :) :)

Love You All
<3 <3 <3