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Monday, 28 December 2015

Festive New Year's Nails & Makeup

 Hello Everybody!
 Christmas has passed and New Year is coming. While Christmas is more of a family holiday on New Year some of you may want to throw a huge party with your friends. So as the celebration is getting closer and closer to us we must start preparing ourselves to this big night. 
  First I'm going to show you the nails I'm planning to have on the night from 31st December to 1st January 2016. I wanted to have something sparkly but didn't find any nail polish like that. In shops all the nail polishes seemed too pricey so I decided to simply buy some glitter which is many times cheaper. Then on the top of an usual transparent nail polish I put some glitter, waited for some 15 minutes and it sticks now perfectly. Though I wouldn't recommend taking a shower with this kind of manicure as more likely then you'll end up being covered all in glitter from your head to your toes(maybe only not if you'll use special gloves for the shower? but still it's not trustful... I wouldn't risk). It looks really cool and shines so bright in the sunlight better than any nail polish. I made only one nail like that the rest four nails I covered with a red nail polish same one I used last year which is Butterfly Ashanti 285. It's a very bright red but doesn't stay for long. :)

So this is the end result. :)

I really like it.

  And for makeup I'm not yet quite sure about what am I doing for my eyes but for my lips I'll be using Essence XXXL Longlasting lipgloss in 07 silky red. It's a very beautiful bright red and I really like wearing it because it's lighter than a usual lipstick and lasts for a long time. 

And here are the swatches.

  Then about my eyes. For a liquid eyeliner and mascara I'll use my Chanel goodies because they're really longlasting and I won't have to worry that these products will start to go down my face because I know for 100% they won't because they're good. You'll have to keep your makeup look good for the whole night so it's better to use something good quality. And I personally think it's better to buy once a good quality product and then use it rarely for important events than buy lots of cheap products and never be satisfied. 

  Then I'm not sure if I'll wear any eye shadow on the top of my concealer. If I will then it will be just a shimmery champagne colour and may be in the corner (that goes out) I'll put some glitter I put on my nails. But you have to make sure there is enough of concealer so your glitter sticks to the eyelid otherwise you'll just have glitter all over your face which believe me isn't pretty. I say out of my own sad life experience. :)

 So that's it. I hope now we're all ready to party. Don't be afraid to try and experiment more. There is still some time and it's always fun to play a little bit with your makeup.
 Happy New Year!