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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Ways To Relax & Feel Christmassy

 Hello Everybody!
 The past two weeks or maybe even the whole month has been a very stressful time. Final tests, marks and other school projects just make me SO nervous. I haven't been feeling Christmassy for the whole December as I did it last year. But today I think something has changed and I have some progress in it... So, in this blogpost mainly you'll just read my tips about ways to relax after a stressful week/day and how to feel Christmassy. :)
 First, what really makes me relaxed lately are CANDLES! I have an obsession with them. I think I may start spending more of my money on candles than I do on makeup which is !crazy! for me. All of my candles are scented. That's exactly what makes me sooo relaxed... different scents. I love oranges/vanilla/cinnamon/roses and many other scents but my favourite is strawberry. I've had only strawberry scented candles for the whole last winter but this year I'm experimenting with different scents. At the moment it is a strawberry candle's week which makes me very happy.

 Second, I like to have a Christmassy tea. The green tea with cinnamon and oranges makes me feel both relaxed and Christmassy which is very good. When I really have time I'll make myself a boiled tea but when I don't I'd take a tea in the tea bags. One of my favourite tea is called "1001 nights". I have never purchased it but I used to drink it a lot at my friends' and it is amazing.

 Third. On my birthday I received a VERONA Olive Bath Salt from Stenders. When I firstly smelled it in the room I didn't like it but then in a bath with a hot water it smelled quite differently and this scent made me feel very relaxed. Sometimes I use this salt instead of a body scrub and it also makes me very good. So, probably what I'm trying to tell is a nice bath/shower, a pamper night, a body peeling will help you get relaxed as well.

 Now, let's move to the things that will help you feel Christmassy. Of course there are Christmasy candles and tea, too but there are also other things.
 First is MUSIC. It really is the most important for me to feel Christmassy. Music influence you, your thoughts, your attitude. So the optimistic and festive songs will help you feel that way. My favourite Christmas albums are by Ariana Grande, Michael Buble and Justin Bieber. :))) But of course you can listen to any other singers. ;)

 Second, I like to have at least one Christmas related book to read around the Christmas time that would be about the miracles that may happen during those winter holidays and the magic of Christmas. Last year I read Zoe Sugg's "Girl Online" and this year I've read a collaboration of John Green, Maureen Johnson & Lauren Myracle "Let It Snow". I like all of these books. "Let It Snow" contains three little romantic Christmas stories that are somehow related and the language it's written in is very modern and easy to read. Very simple and magical. :)

 Third is to decorate your room which I haven't done yet but I hope I will soon. If you want to check out my last year's Christmas decorations click here. :) Except decorating a room you can also "decorate" yourself: start wearing Christmas related clothes, accessories, nails or more festive makeup. It all makes the atmosphere more joyful. 

 And last but not least you can watch some Christmas films (my favourite is Home Alone) if you want to have a Christmassy feeling. And if you're just very tired you can watch your old favourite film which always make you feel more relaxed. I like watching "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "Wild Child" (the one that is with Emma Roberts) and "Gossip Girl"(it's not really a film but anyway).

 I hope this post will be helpful to some of you. Tell me what you like to do to feel Christmassy and relaxed? :)
Love You All,